Our Annual ‘With Love’ Campaign

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Salon Purpose was founded with the heart to make a positive impact. Each year at the start of May, we celebrate our business birthday by giving back!

For two weeks, our beautiful clients choose which of four life-changing causes we donate $25 from their service towards with love.

'With Love' 2024 Impact:
We Did It Together!

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude - thanks to the generosity of our amazing Salon Purpose clients and community, we SMASHED our $12k goal, raising an incredible $13,400 and hanging 536 bows of impact in our salon!


At Salon Purpose, we partner with Pro Purpose, an incredible nonprofit organisation that helps businesses connect their business to purpose, generosity and charitable impact.

Each year, we choose four life-changing causes to support, involving the entire Salon Purpose team in selecting projects that are meaningful to us and then, get to work creating a memorable ‘With Love’ campaign to share with our Salon Purpose community.

From there, we go all out - transforming our salon shopfront into an inspiring display to showcase the causes we are supporting and raise awareness for the need. When it comes to the first two weeks in May, we launch 'With Love' and the salon is always buzzing with all things love, purpose and life-changing impact.

And our beautiful clients? At the end of their appointment, they simply choose which of the four causes we donate $25 with love from their service towards. And this year, there's the added opportunity to double the impact by matching the donation we make on their behalf!


How does it work?

We are here for people.
Fuelled with passion.
Driven by purpose.

The History of ‘With Love’

'With Love' started as a simple idea during Covid. Driven by the desire to provide practical support during lockdown, we offered our local community free packs of hair colour in exchange for a donation towards water well repairs in Uganda.

Raising over $1000, the campaign was an incredible success - resonating deeply with our clients and being strongly supported by the wider community. 

When we opened the doors of our new salon premises in Manly in May 2022, we launched with our 'With Love' campaign; this time giving our clients the opportunity donate $25 from their service with love to a life-changing cause of their choice. 

In 2024, we completed our fourth annual ‘With Love’ campaign and donated $13,400 towards charitable impact that provided:

  • 125 nights SAFE HOUSING for Australian families experiencing homelessness.
  • 58 days of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HEALING WORKSHOPS for First Nations Women.
  • 11 WATER WELL REPAIRS in Northern Uganda, bringing clean water to 8,250 people.
  • 928 days of EDUCATION for children in Uganda.

But this is only the beginning!

We are determined to make this year's 'With Love' campaign our biggest and most impactful yet! 

Our 'With Love' Impact Is Growing each year!

Year One: 


Year two: 


Year tHREE: 


TO OUR BEAUTIFUL CLIENTS AND COMMUNITY, THANK YOU FOR HelpING us make 2024 our biggest 'WIth love' yet!

Year FOUR: 



for Australian families experiencing homelessness

'With Love' 2024

This year’s chosen projects:

In Australia on any given night, 116, 000 people are homeless. Families are faced with additional complexities when navigating the challenges associated with homelessness.

This project focuses on early intervention and prevention of homelessness, as well as health, wellbeing and educational support services along the journey. Through this project, Australian families are provided with safe housing and empowered with the skills to reshape their future, paving the way towards real and lasting change.


for First Nations Women

In Australia, the devastating effects of domestic violence in the First Nations community is widespread. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are 35 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than other Australian women. These women are twice as likely to die as an outcome of family violence and 5 times more likely to be victims of homicide. More than 55% of these homicides are related to family violence.

With many agencies delivering response services which are reactive to domestic violence, this project focuses on practical and culturally sensitive ‘healing journey’ workshops with women who have experienced domestic violence - equipping them with knowledge and tools to prevent future reoccurrences and therefore breaking the cycle.


for children in Northern Uganda

In Uganda only 27% of school-age children are enrolled in school. Instead of starting their first day of school, most young children in Uganda would be heading to work – most likely in fields, herding animals or digging for food. 

Without an investment in education and without funding for schools and teachers, many children will be left behind and may never see the inside of a classroom. This project changes the future of children living in poverty through the power of education - ensuring they are attending a local school in their remote village while being provided with 3 meals a day, clean water, resources and teacher support.


for remote and disadvantaged communities in Northern Uganda

In Northern Uganda, repairing broken water wells improves the livelihood of an entire community. Urgent repairs are needed to many water wells that have been broken for months, if not years.

How does access to clean water reduce poverty? In Africa, many women and children walk 5-10km, 3 times per day to collect water. In most cases the water is not clean. The time that it takes to collect water is preventing girls from accessing an education. While for women, as the primary caretakers of land and family, time spent walking for water takes them away from tending to their crop and caring for their families. 

By repairing water wells, this project give people in the communities of Northern Uganda access to safe and clean water for drinking and hygiene – sanitation and hand washing. With these basic needs met, entire communities, especially women and children, have a greater opportunity to overcome poverty.

Kind Words from Our Clients

'Salon Purpose is a balance of beauty, on trend style and tranquillity.'

I feel so relaxed and never want to leave. Every angle is designed for pleasure, and I love that the salon focuses on giving back.

- Kym Wagner

'Salon Purpose! You take the customer experience to the next level!'

From drinks menu, to head massage, amazing atmosphere and friendly and professional staff! Well done girls! Looove your work. Coming back soon

- Louise Casagrande

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